Wee Man’s Chronic Taco – Casual Mexican – Redondo Beach

Wee Man’s Chronic Taco
306 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 316-8226

Wee Man’s Chronic Taco is located in a new strip mall with a CVS Drugs store at the corner of Torrance Blvd and Pacific Coast Hwy in Redondo Beach. The building is very easily missed in the shadow of the CVS and the construction is a bit generic. Not quite where you would expect to find a restaurant owned by a Jackass star. Inside is a casual dining restaurant very similar in vibe to a Chipotle. You enter the restaurant, stand in line, order from a guy behind a small panel of glass, walk along the glass, answer a bunch of questions about toppings, and finally pay at the end and fill up your drink cup. From there you find your own seat among a dozen or so tables. Choices include tacos, burritos, nachos, tortas etc with meat selections of carne asada (marinated steak), pollo asado (grilled chicken), carnitas (slow cooked pork) or al pastor (marinated pork). There is a small bar along one side for what looks like a different vibe for the evening crowd. Parking is available behind the CVS and we had no problem finding a space.

CARL: Oliver and I wanted to do something a little different so we ventured all the way to Redondo Beach to try something different. Wee Man’s Chronic Taco was recommended to me by a few friends so it seemed to be a good candidate. I was expecting something a little wilder but it was pretty close to a Chipotle. The prices were decent and the drinks were bottomless. The recipes were taken from Wee Man’s family recipes and were a nice but mild alternative to authentic spicy Mexican food. I decided to order the Pollo Asado chicken burrito for $5.79. I tossed in a large Diet Coke and the total was still under $9. The price was good, the food was good, the staff was super friendly, the atmosphere was fun and upbeat. Chronic Taco loses a few points for being too close to Chipotle in style but I suppose if you are going to have a chain restaurant you have to have a system. You get a ton of food (more than most) so add a few points for that. All things considered, I give Wee Man’s Chronic Taco 4 Pigs on the Lunch Pig scale of 1-5 Pigs.


Oliver: I had driven by this place every week and noticed it but ignored because I had assumed it was more of a place to “get a beer and they happened to have tacos as well”. Today it was their turn to get a visit from Lunch Pig. Carl covers pretty much everything about the place so I will focus on the food, but first I finally figured out what it was about places like Chipotle that I just could not warm up to. When I am lined up like steer and am forced to decide on every portion of my burrito, I feel rushed and pressured. I don’t cook for myself and I like to have someone else cook for me, as well as to make all the critical decisions as to what should be in a Grilled Fish Burrito.

That being said, I ordered the grilled fish burrito, got pinto beans and Spanish rice in the burrito. I also got a spicy salsa as well as a chipoltle sauce in it. The fish is cooked as ordered, so you may have to wait a while for it. Not a problem for me. The burrito was pretty big and wrapped in foil.  The fish tasted good and worked well with the sauce they provided. I would definitely get one again.

My burrito cost 6.95 and I also order it as a combo with a regular size drink and a bag of chips and some salsa which brought the whole deal to $9.45. The food was good, the service was friendly. The place is a little noisy but is to be expected with the theme. If you do not like the cramped seating inside and want to have conversation then you should probably eat at the outdoor seating. I think it is a little costly considering that you are cattled through and serve yourself, but the food was pretty tasty. I give it 3.5 pigs 

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