Island Grill – Casual Pacific American Lomita – Review


Island Grill
2387 Lomita Blvd.
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 784-0844

Island Grill is located on the North/East corner of Lomita Blvd and Pennsylvania in Lomtia. From the outside it looks like it could have been a gas station at one time. From the inside, aside from the slick color printed menu board, it has the feeling of a family owned restaurant. When entering you order at the registers and seating is available at small tables to the right. Sodas are self serve and refillable. Parking is somewhat limited out front.

CARL: Burgers sounded good today so we set out of find a new burger place and we stumbled across the Island Grill at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and Lomita Blvd. I’ve seen the place before under various names as I used to regularly go to the the Golden Bear Skate Shop. From the outside it looks a little low budget and the signage doesn’t help that image. Inside it is a bit nicer with a nice looking dining area. I wish the dining are was a bit cleaner but it was OK for a busy lunch hour. Once I saw the menu board I decided to try a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich ($2.95) and I upgraded it to a combo to include a Diet Coke and a 50/50 mix of onion rings and French Fries. The sandwich had a good amount of chicken but it was smaller pieces of chicken instead of one large chicken breast. The multiple pieces made it a little tougher to eat but it was still manageable. The flavor was very sweet – possibly a little too sweet for me – but on balance the sandwich was good. The fries and onion rings were about average on the tasty scale. Overall good, reasonably priced and quick. 

OLIVER: Island grill is much like L&L, it is a Pacific Island Fast Food sort of meal, consisting of chicken, beef and salmon in various sorts of Teriyaki, cabbage and rice servings. It is an interesting blend of Asian and American cooking that became popular in areas like Hawaii and Guam. One thing about it is it can be very sweet! I love fish and especially salmon, and being hungry when I went in, I ordered their chicken and salmon combo plate, and to just make it that much more, I added chili fries to the mix.

First came the french fries with chili, they are typical fries, the chili was good, typical fare for a diner. Shortly after that came my main entre. On top of a huge bed of rice were my grilled chicken and grilled fish, a light glazing of teriyaki covered them both. The salmon was tasty with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and a pretty good sized piece. The chicken was good and also fairly large. That on top of a lot of rice makes for a very filling meal. Add in the chili fries and I was one full customer. I really liked the meal and the service was friendly. The place is definitely a diner like atmosphere. I will give these guys 4 pigs. You get a heap of food, it tastes great, and it is a good value. 

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