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So it’s late at night and you’ve got the munchies…..really, really bad. What do you do? The fine folks at Jack In The Box sent Lunch Pig and our readers gift cards to find out. What better way to test the munchies than a road trip to Las Vegas so Lunch Pig hit the open road for Sin City!

In Las Vegas – or in any other town in America – there are likely a variety of options. You can indulge in anything from a fancy restaurant all the way down to a 7-11 microwave burrito. The brave minds at Jack In The Box offer up a solution that gives you a BIG bang for the buck. The Late Night Munchie Meal. Here are your 4 options:

Sourdough grilled cheese on top, cheeseburger on bottom. Tuck into this tasty bunk bed. Served with 2 Tacos, Halfsies and a 20oz. fountain drink.

A chicken sandwich exploding with mozzarella cheese sticks and gooey white cheese sauce. Oh my cheesy goodness. Served with 2 Tacos, Halfsies and a 20oz. fountain drink.

Chicken Nuggets drowning in two kinds of cheese with ranch and bacon. Rescue them! Served with 2 Tacos, Halfsies and a 20oz. fountain drink.

A burger with a fried egg and a crispy hash brown for when it’s so late you don’t know whether it’s dinner or breakfast. Served with 2 Tacos, Halfsies and a 20oz. fountain drink.

We weren’t content to pick just one so we walked up to the counter at the Maryland Parkway location and ordered one of everything. Yes, one of everything. The folks behind the counter gasped and replied that no one had ever ordered one of each. The staff gathered around as the helpful cashier took the register to it’s limits. We ended up with two full “meals” and two items as just the entrée. How many tacos, fries and sodas can a man eat? Probably a smart move not to find out……


For this much food you need a plan. We decided to cut each sandwich in half and both of us would test every item. The picture above shows the food spread out on one of the counter tables by a window just before the feast. Time to dig in…….

JackInTheBox-110713-07CARL: I’ve dropped a bunch of weight recently by watching what I eat so why not indulge in a little fun while in Sin City? When Jack In The Box offered us the chance to taste their Late Night Munchie Meals – and share some free Munchie Meals with our readers – it sounded like a “Cheat Day” was in order.

The Loaded Nuggets were first up since they were so easy to open and get the meal rolling. I found the nuggets to be crispy and tasty even after being soaked in cheese, ranch dressing and bacon bits. I didn’t think I’d like them but they were surprisingly good. Next up was the Brunch Burger. Imagine a burger on a fancy bun with a fried egg, hash brown, bacon and cheese. The Brunch Burger was the least “goopy” of the meals and turned out to be my favorite. Between Oliver and I there was not a crumb left on this one. The Exploding Cheesy Chicken was next on the list and, as expected, it featured a fried chicken breast and tons of cheese sauce but I was surprised at the addition of mozzarella cheese sticks to the mix. I didn’t love it but I did find it enjoyable and I ate my entire half. The last entrée of the evening was the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger with featured a sourdough grilled cheese sandwich on top and a cheeseburger on the bottom. The bread was literally bursting with liquid cheese and sauce. I’m not sure if it was because this was the last entrée or if it was just too much sauce but I could only eat a couple of bites.

Each meal comes with 2 Tacos, Halfsies (half fries and curly fries) and a large soda. The fries and tacos were a nice extra but you’d have to be pretty hungry to polish off the whole Late Night Munchie Meal. For $6 there is no better bargain in late night dining. Slightly too goopy for every day dining but these meals are a nice occasional treat. I recommend the Brunch Burger Munchie Meal and a long nap.



OLIVER: Jack in the Box has been one of my late night go to’s since I could drive. Carl and I used to frequent the one near Torrance High School when we were in school and it brings back a lot of memories to do this review. This time though we were off to Las Vegas to see what all the new commotion was about in late night food with Jack’s  Late night Munchie Meal’s. Jack in the Box sent us some of their new Jack Cards and said to have fun with it and to let some of our readers have some as well. So that is how we get to this point.

The new meals are called Munchie meals and if you think it sounds like something that a guy who has the munchies might want, then you are exactly right. These meals were designed by someone with the classic case of the munchies. The meal entrees  have fun names like Exploding Cheesy Chicken Munchie Meal, Loaded Nuggets Munchie Meal and Brunch Burger Munchie Meal.

I’m glad that I tried them all, it really gave me a chance to explore this over the top late night orgasm of food. Here is a run down of my thoughts.



This is simply a giant Cheesy Burger, loaded with cheese and dressing that will come out at you from every angle, so make sure and not wear that white tuxedo you just been waiting for a reason to wear out. The burger is actually two sandwiches in one with a single slice of bread shared in the middle. One side grilled cheese, flip it over, now you got a burger. You could use this burger in place of a coin when flipping for the last nugget, I suspect calling ‘burger’ will yield better results than ‘grilled cheese’. This burger is excellent and you will not find anything else to compare it to. If you want to eat away the pain or are looking to fill some nostalgic memory of times gone by with comfort food, this burger will do the trick.



This sandwich was also really good, the mozzarella sticks were a surprise, but it really worked well and did not make it too difficult to eat. It is loaded up with cheese and dressing and is a great spin on the Chicken Supreme. I have gone back and gotten this sandwich a few times now, good stuff for sure.






Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Now take that and add more cheese, bacon and ranch dressing. these gooey little guys were awesome. In fact the next morning I had a few more that were leftover from the night and they were just as good and maybe even better, that’s how you roll in Vegas.






This one is my favorite, I love eggs, and I love cheese burgers, throw in a hash-brown for good measure and you have the Brunch Burger Munchie Meal. This one comes out of the gate looking good with all my favorites and it tastes as good as it looks. It’s actually great. It’s not as messy as the Stacked Grill Cheese Burger but it is definitely a handful.





All of these sandwiches are fun and different, even extreme, it lives up to the name ‘Munchies’ and is a great idea to make late night dinner a lot of fun. Just to make sure you did have fun JitB has included a a colorful box printed with different party game ideas as well as Napkingami, yes it is a way to fold up your napkin, but you will have to see for yourself. If you get the meal it comes filled with food, you gotta love the JitB tacos, you get two,  and you get two of them. Mix it up with classic fries and curly fries, called halfsies in this meal along with a 20 oz drink and you have a full on meal with enough to last you for a few hours  or even to the next morning for $6.

So what do I give this meal? I am going to say that there was nothing I could possibly complain about, the staff there was awesome, they really helped make our late night trip to Jack in the Box a fun experience and the food was over the top in goodness and bulk. I give this retro late night JitB adventure 4.5 pigs.  Pigs4_5


For your chance to win some Jack In The Box gift cards – click HERE!

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