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Mr Pickle’s Sandwich Shop
24427 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(424) 239-6447


Mr Pickles is a small restaurant “sandwiched” between a nail salon and a beauty supply shop two doors down from Home Depot in the Torrance Crossroads plaza near the corner of Lomita Blvd and Crenshaw Blvd. The restaurant features some indoor dining at small tables or at a little bar at the back. Like most sandwich shops you line up, pick you sandwich by number, add your condiments and check out. Beverages are served in individual containers available near the checkout area. Parking is plentiful as Mr Pickles shares a parking lot with Home Depot. During peak times and around Christmas parking can be a little more challenging.


Mr Pickles Torrance Crossroads Lunch Pig #3 Carls SandwichCARL: I love sandwiches. The definition of a sandwich can stretch from a burger to a sub for me – I haven’t met a sandwich I didn’t like. I’m sure that’s not EXACTLY true but you get the idea. I love sandwiches. Now that we have established that fact, I must admit that I can’t really see the need for yet another sandwich shop. We have Subway that services the masses for a low price. We have Jersey Mike’s that does is better with fresh and high quality ingredients. We have Jerry’s and similar delis that appeal to guys with fat wallets and big appetites. Why add another sandwich shop to this crowded marketplace? The Torrance Crossroads alone has a Subway and a Jersey Mike’s a stones throw from this location. Oliver and I set out with that question in mind. When we entered the restaurant we were a bit confused where to go as there were a half dozen signs that said ORDER HERE all along the counter. Did that mean we could go to any one or should we line up at the end? We stood around for a bit until we were called by the fast moving and friendly staff. I ordered the #3 “Italian Stallion” (310 Calories) ($7.49) that features ham, salami, pastrami, jack cheese and Italian dressing. We had a coupon for half off if we ordered two sandwiches with chips and sodas so we added those to the order. Mr Pickles Torrance Crossroads Lunch Pig Used Napkins The sandwich was made with fresh bread which was very very tasty. The slightly crispy bottom of the bread added a bit of crunch and flavor to the sandwich – but not too much. I don’t much like a sharp sandwich. The unexpectedly cool part of this sandwich was the pastrami. I don’t order pastrami often but in this case the mix of ham, salami and pastrami was unique. As you can see from the picture to the right the sandwich required a lot of napkins due to the Italian dressing component (not to mention the crappy quality napkins that had no substance to them). Is there room for another sandwich shop in the market – or in this plaza? Time will tell. Mr Pickles has the advantage of catching the foot traffic from Home Depot which can be quite significant. Jersey Mike’s is in the busy but frustrating end of the Torrance Crossroads burdened with the In-N-Out traffic congestion. Bottom line – a good sandwich, slightly too pricey at $7.49, sodas only in cans, no Coca-Cola products, small dining area, friendly service. All of this earns Mr Pickles a 4 Pig rating.


Mr Pickles Torrance Crossroads Lunch Pig Menu BoardOLIVER: Growing up in the South Bay means that you will eat many different sandwiches over the years. As luck would have it though, I first came across Mr Pickles while spending time in Los Gato’s. There was one around the corner and I would eat there at least once per visit. I really liked their unique versions of sandwiches and spent time making my way through the menu board. The one in Torrance is a bit more polished and has an expanded menu and seems to have grown up a little. What I like about them is they have quite a selection of unique sandwiches. I got the number 3 which includes Hot Pastrami, bacon, guacamole and cream cheese. The cream cheese makes a good combination with the hot pastrami. They also have a great choice of freshly baked breads that add a lot to the over all flavor. I really like them and urge you to go and check them out. As we were leaving I saw Mr Pickles crossing the parking lot and insisted on getting a photo of myself with him. Afterwards I watched Mr Pickles walk by himself carrying his sign on his way to the corner to urge people to visit Mr Pickles and I said to Carl, “You know what?, I probably made his day.” I give Mr Pickles a strong 4 pigs, check them out and say hi to Mr Pickles, tell him “Lunch Pig sent you.”

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