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Pick Up Stix Torrance Exterior
Pick Up Stix
24231 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 539-0010

Pick up Stix is a chain of restaurants located in Southern Calif. It began life in Rancho Santa Margarita and then grew through corporate owned restaurants and franchises. The Torrance Pick up Stix is the last establishment on the North side of the Torrance Crossroads Plaza. They serve an Asian fusion using traditional woks over high heat burners. There are a variety of different caramelized meat entree’s, including beef, chicken and shrimp. The combos come with side orders and your choice of brown/white rice or chow mien. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating and it is accommodating for the whole family.

Oliver: I love Chinese food, but I’m a little picky when it comes to it. Pick up Stix is not one of my usual stops, but a lot of my friends love it. After waiting in line I ordered the combo Mongolian Beef with rice and some fried won-tons. Once you are through ordering you receive a number plaque and they give you your drink cup like in most fast food places and you fill it yourself. Which means unlimited refills and in the case of Pick up Stix, Pepsi products. If you are germ phobic you will notice that you have to touch the button on the beverage machine to dispense the drink.

The food is made fresh so it takes a couple of minutes, but is quick. The Mongolian Beef is very sweet and has  large chunks of beef, it was very tasty and filling. The won-ton was a little soggy and the rice was OK. At the end of the meal is your fortune cookie, which in this instance told me I should be working in computers, Carl’s said he should be working with his friends. Well, their fortune cookies are accurate. Based on this user experience I can’t really complain about anything, the price is a little high, but the entree’s have a good amount of food. It’s not a fancy experience, but you will get in and out quick and have change from your $10. I give it 3.5 pigs


Pick Up Stix Torrance House Special Chicken With Brown RiceCarl: I like Pick Up Stix. It is a family favorite of mine and we probably hit this restaurant every couple of months. The food choices are good, recipes are tasty and generally the service is pretty quick. My family and I typically get our orders to go for dinner but on a recent trip with my wife Marcia, we ate in and discovered that they had remodeled the restaurant and changed up the menu a bit – a nice change. At lunch, Pick Up Stix has a selection of lunch specials in the $6-$7 range that come with a main entree, your choice of rice types (white, brown or fried) and an appetizer. Today I opted for their signature dish, the House Special Chicken ($6.49) and I added brown rice and, for my appetizer, I went with the vegetarian egg roll. Sadly they serve Pepsi products so I reluctantly went with the $1.59 refillable Diet Pepsi. The House Special Chicken features a sweet and slightly crunchy coating on small bite sized chunks of chicken. The brown rice was firm and tasty – and I’m not a big fan of brown rice at all – but this rice I like. The egg roll was a fun little extra and I enjoyed it as well. People don’t come here for authentic Chinese food because that’s not what Pick Up Stix is about. Pick Up Stix is about a slightly sweet, “sort-of-chinese-food” experience with good sized portions that’s fast and cheap. I give Pick Up Stix 4 Pigs.

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