Wilson Burger – American Fast Food


Wilson Burgers
4215 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 375-6188


Wilson Burgers is a small, free standing, building in the parking lot behind an Arco and next to a CVS. If you didn’t know it was there, it would be easy to miss driving along Pacific Coast Hwy. Parking is a little tricky during busy times but there is plenty of parking in the CVS lot. This burger stand is a classic style restaurant with a walk up counters, a few tables inside and a few tables outside. You order at the counter and wait for your order to be called then proceed to an available table.


CARL: I am a bit burned out on fancier restaurants so I pushed Oliver to try a burger place. I mentioned Wilson Burger several times and finally this time Oliver acquiesced. As expected the place is a typical burger joint with the usual selections of burgers and sandwiches. I was surprised to see some Teriyaki dishes on the menu but it seems Wilson Burger is somewhat known for their Teriyaki. I opted for the Double Burger / Small Fries / 16oz Drink for $6.59 special hanging just above the register. After ordering I was gives a cup (16oz sure is small) and I headed to the soda machine. Unfortunately the soda machine has a sign on it that says “Refill – $0.65″ – a bad sign for a man that likes Diet Coke and is holding a thimble of a cup. From there things got much better. Oliver and I sat outside and, after a show wait, picked up our burgers. I found my burger to be quite tasty, cooked right and the veggies tasty and crisp. The fries were cooked just how I like them and they were a good chunky style. All together, a good classic burger at a reasonable price. Good job Wilson Burger! 4 Pigs. When you go, tell them Lunch Pig sent you!


I used to be a two burger a day kind of guy, but then again, I used to weigh about 40 lbs more. Today I relived those day and had a double cheeseburger for lunch, and a double cheeseburger for dinner.

Wilson’s is like a typical beach style hamburger joint as Carl said. Small, cozy and just the right amount of dive. I like these kind of places and I got a big place in my heart for the small business guy or gal.

Their burger is about as close as you can get to a burger you might BBQ yourself over a pit at a beach somewhere. It’s a good size burger, juicy and flavorful. I dig the fat fries, not too crispy, just right. The coke was a small, and I opted to go no ice to maximize my coke experience.

Overall, I liked them and I urge you to make them one of your go to places for a non chain burger. If you compare them to a chain in price or quality Wilson’s has them beat. I give them 4 pigs as well.


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